Our Mission

To reduce food waste through technology.

We believe a demand forecasting software

1) Reduce food waste = reduced CO2 emissions.
2) Reduce overstock = increase profitability
3) Introduce operational efficiencies

Who are we

ConsumAI is the only dynamic waste prevention solution for fresh food retailers. We are a small London-based team, hoping to achieve impact UK-wide, and in the coming years, on an international scale.

THE PROBLEM                                    THE SOLUTION

We waste 1.8 billion tonnes of food a year globally.

If, as a planet, we stopped wasting food altogether, we’d eliminate 8% of our total emissions.

In the UK, 900,000 perfectly edible, freshly prepared meals end up in the bin every day. This means that more than 320m meals are thrown away by British food establishments every year.

Given the magnitude of food waste globally, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals calls for food waste to be halved by 2030

Together we can unlock the potential of global food waste prevention.

ConsumAI makes actionable insights available at your fingertips, allowing you to take back control and limit food waste.

Our intelligent predictions are powered by Big Data and the latest Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to avoid food surpluses, reduce costs and increase your profits.